Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Vince!

Everyone wish Vince Welnick a happy 55th today! I remember seeing Vince's 3rd show with The Grateful Dead, and being blown away immediately by his confidence, the intricacy of his playing and his vocal harmonizing ability. I thought he fit in right away, but there were many others who never truly accepted him, much like Brent and Keith before him. In retrospect, Vince had a similar sound to Brent, but played a much more complimentary role, similar to Keith. The Vince/Bruce Hornsby combo provided a particularly unique sound to The Dead in the 90s. In the end, I saw more Dead shows with Vince behind the keyboards than I did shows with Brent. He was a fine choice to keep the bus rolling after Brent's demise. So once again, happy birthday to the last man to tickle the keys for The Dead, Mr. Vince Welnick!


At 2:37 AM, Blogger Joby said...

Just read an interesting sidebar article in the most recent Relix magazine that mentioned a suicide attempt by Vince while he was touring as Ratdog's keyboardist right after Jerry died. Vince says he tried (and failed) to join Jerry, and then was institutionalized for several weeks, and that his suicide attempt freaked out other band members and is the reason that he is not included or invited to reunion events/tours. I had never heard about this until now, and was shocked and saddened. I'm so glad he is doing well and wish him many happy birthdays to come.


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