Sunday, February 26, 2006

Joby's Desert Island Dead

Joby comes in with his top five Desert Island classics. Here's hoping for some more Retro Reviews!

9-20-70, Fillmore East, New York NY Best acoustic set ever, best Caution ever, Davids Nelson and Grisman guest star. Check my blog within the next day or two for a full review of this fantastic, historic show.

8-27-72, Veneta, Oregon Obviously a long time favorite and classic, and arguably the finest show of 1972. What can be said that hasn't already?

6-29-76, Auditorium Theater Chicago Illinois Hard to pick just one great show from this fabulous month in 1976, I chose this one for the highlights: Peggy O, Mission In the Rain, Might As Well, St. Stephen->NFA->St. Stephen. Wish they broke out the Cosmic Charlie this show, but that would have just been TOO perfect.

10-16-89 (Nightfall of Diamonds) Meadowlands Arean, East Rutherford NJ This was by far the hardest choice for me, to pick between this show or 10-9-89, the Warlocks show I had the good fortune to actually attend. I chose 10-16 for the fact that they played Attics and sang We Bid You Goodnight, but it's really a coin flip.

My last pick is a best-of-tour compilation CD I have from the 1992 Warfield Theater run with Jerry Garcia and the David Grisman Quintet. Here's the track list: The Thrill Is Gone, Rosalie McFall, The Fields Have Turned Brown, 16x16, Sitting In Limbo, Oh The Wind And Rain, Louis Collins, Bag's Groove, When I First Unto This Country, Long Black Veil, Shady Grove, Down Where The River Bends, She Belongs To Me. I know it's not Dead per se, but I had to have some Garcia/Grisman or I'd go mad on that island.

- Joby

Friday, February 24, 2006

Ned's Desert Island Dead

Welcome to Ned and his Desert Island Dead. Hmmm, I'm a poet and didn't even know it :-)

Quality is important to Ned and is a big fan of their early work (although he loves the '91 MSG Branford show) . Without further adieu...


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Deep's Desert Island Dead

Deep offer's his essential Desert Island Dead:

American Beauty - The ONE!

5/11/72 - one of my favorites from that Europe tour. The Tiger Jam on the Dark Star is probably the most monstrous TJ I have heard, and the way in which the band leaves behind all that dark energy behind them and gallop into a rollicking melodious country jam is MAGIC.

DP3 - fantastic set all around.

4/24/72 (Rockin' The Rhein) - hands down, one of my top 5 Dark Stars. The Me & My Uncle that is sandwiched between the Dark Star performances plays out with all the detail and liveliness of a movie. Plus the Good Lovin' is brilliant. Great night for the band.

Reckoning - for the laid back sunny days

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stewart's Desert Island Dead

Here's five from Stewart:

(1) 03/01/69, Fillmore West -- Sublime early Dead throughout and featuring my desert island Dark Star.
(2) 11/11/73, Winterland -- My favorite show from my favorite year; best China Rider and a Dark Star > MLBJ> Eyes > China Doll for the ages.
(3) 08/13/75, One from the Vault -- Can't be stuck on a desert island without a Help/Slip/Frank, and this one, beginning with legendary Bill Graham's classic intro of the band, is an easy choice.
(4) 05/08/77, Cornell -- My first bootleg makes this a sentimental pick; also, rumor has it that the show itself isn't too shabby either.
(5) 06/30/85, Merriweather -- Summer of '85 is justifiably iconic; how could I survive on a desert island without this Shakedown to keep my bones boogying?

"My" (Stewart's) "only reservation with this list is the absence of a monumental early 70s Playin' (a la Veneta); not sure I could last without that."

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Vince!

Everyone wish Vince Welnick a happy 55th today! I remember seeing Vince's 3rd show with The Grateful Dead, and being blown away immediately by his confidence, the intricacy of his playing and his vocal harmonizing ability. I thought he fit in right away, but there were many others who never truly accepted him, much like Brent and Keith before him. In retrospect, Vince had a similar sound to Brent, but played a much more complimentary role, similar to Keith. The Vince/Bruce Hornsby combo provided a particularly unique sound to The Dead in the 90s. In the end, I saw more Dead shows with Vince behind the keyboards than I did shows with Brent. He was a fine choice to keep the bus rolling after Brent's demise. So once again, happy birthday to the last man to tickle the keys for The Dead, Mr. Vince Welnick!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Helen's Desert Island Dead

It's Helen's turn with her Desert Island essentials:

03/19/95 - Phily Spectrum - Because I was there for the Unbroken Chain breakout and while the rest of the show was fair, this alone made it number one on my list of stellar moments. It was really the thing we all waited for. Incredible moment.
06/18/95 Giants Stadium - This is the last time I saw Jerry live. It's odd because I went alone and was making my way out of the Stadium but stopped and sat down not really knowing why. Jerry closed with a beautful Brokedown and I knew instantly why I had stayed.
09/03/77 Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ - The first bootleg I got. It will always be one of my all time favorites.
10/09/89 - Hampton, VA - Just recently heard this show and was blown away by it. Saddened that it is no longer available on archive and I only have the stream but I am working on it!
Europe '72 - I admit to stealing this pick from Mark but as soon as I saw it I thought "Of course, that would have to go with me!"
Bonus - Not a Dead show but I would love to take Keller Williams "Crazy Fingers" because his interpretation of these Dead tunes is amazing and I havent' had nearly enought time to enjoy it yet.

Excellent choices Helen! Please continue to send in your Desert Island selections via e-mail.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mark's Desert Island Dead

Mark is the first to visit our Desert Island. Ideally he would like every recording on one giant CD, but that would be cheating ;-) (although you could fit it all on a I-Pod I guess, but sorry, no I-Pods allowed on this island...)

Here's four 'real' CDs that Mark would have to have on the Desert Island:

Closing of Winterland
Europe '72
DP Twenty (which has become a favorite)
DP Eighteen

Thanks Mark! Can't wait to see more!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Desert Island Dead

Audience participation time again folks! You probably know how this works, you going to a desert island and you can only take a handful of records with you. What essential Grateful Dead recordings would you need to have to stay sane? Let's keep it to five, but give or take one if you need the flexibility. Feel free to include bootlegs (SBDs and/or AUDs), studio recordings, major label live releases, Dick's Picks, Download Series, etc. There's plenty to choose from, this could get interesting.

I'm going to go with favorites I downloaded from The Archive. My five include:
- 4/29/71 - Closing of The Fillmore East. An absolute classic, including all-time favorite versions of Midnight Hour, Hard to Handle, Alligator and Second That Emotion.
- 6/14/76 - Best show in the comeback year. Beacon Theater rocked that night and the quality of this recording is top-notch. Great stage banter too.
- 5/7/77 - The night before the infamous Cornell Show. The show overall is hot, but the Mississippi Half-Step alone makes this my favorite '77 show.
- 11/30/80 - Great SBD and AUD rolled into one! The contrast between the two sources makes this a fascinating recording, not to mention a scorching Sailor>Saint>Deal to close the 1st set, and my all-time favorite Ship of Fools in the 2nd.
- 10/9/89 - As I have mentioned before, I could of been at this Hampton classic, but chose to go the night before instead. Still kicking myself over that one. I'm actually just going to take the 2nd set of this one, and the AUD source at that. IMHO, the best 2nd set ever. I've listened to it probably 100 times, and it never gets old.

So what would you have to have on that Desert Island? Please share by e-mailing me your list.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Good Lovin'

On this Valentine's Day, a tribute to my wife of 10 years:
"I love you more than words can tell" - Brokedown Palace

"The girl I love, she's sweet and true" - Don't Ease Me In

"You don't know how easy it is to love you" - Easy To Love You

"Love me, I will love you too, nothing else I'd rather do" - France

"You know I love you baby, I gotta get you all alone" - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

"Cause you're the only girl I know that can really love me so" - In The Midnight Hour

"It's all right, 'cause I love you, and that's not gonna change", "But I'll still sing you love songs, written in the letters of your name" - Looks Like Rain

"My love is bigger than a Cadillac" - Not Fade Away

"Just a little spoon of your precious love, is good enough for me" - Spoonful

"She's got everything delightful. She's got everything I need" - Sugar Magnolia

"To lie with you once more, to lie with you. With our dreams entwined together" - To Lay Me Down

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sweet Jams

Just recently redeemed an ITunes gift card, for what else? Grateful Dead of course! This time around I went for two Dick's Picks, Volume 12 and Volume 13. I'm addicted to both already as they both have very unique qualities.

Volume 12 is actually two second sets, 6/26/74 in Providence, RI and 6/28/74 at the Boston Garden. This jam-laden Dick's Picks is '74 Dead at their finest. Highlights of the first disc include a hot China Cat>Rider, and a facinating Spanish Jam. The second set includes a typically wonderful Eyes of the World (the 'Eyes' from '73 and '74 are my favorite) and a beautiful To Lay Me Down. The third disc just goes off the charts though. It starts with a strong Weather Report Suite followed by a mesmorizing 27 minute Jam. They close out this hot 2nd set rockin' with US Blues, Promised Land, GDTRFB, and Sunshine Daydream. Looking for something to veg out for a couple hours to? Dick's Picks Volume 12 would be a great choice.

Volume 13 is the May 6, 1981 Nassau Coliseum show. The first set is a typical early 80's barnburner with great versions of Dire Wolf, Big Railroad Blues and Deal. Disk Two and Three really shine though. While downloading Saint of Circumstance, I found it odd that it a bit odd that it was 42 minutes long. What I discovered was a hidden gem, an outstanding Scarlet>Fire from 11/1/79 (you can check out the SBD version on The Archive here). The transition jam between Scarlet and Fire needs to be heard to be believed. There is a section there where Jerry and Brent play off eachother and launch into another dimension. Truly a classic Dead moment. After Fire, we go back to 1981 to a historic He's Gone tribute to Bobby Sands. Another classic moment. If that wasn't enough, they launch into a mindbending Caution/Spanish Jam. After listening to this the first time, I was pretty much a quivering lump of jelly I was so blown away. A truly amazing second set finshes with The Other One, GDTRFB, Wharf Rat, Good Lovin and a Don't Ease Me In encore. I love this show (plus the surprise Scarlet>Fire), 'nuff said. Check 'em both out and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

100th Post

I know I mentioned it around New Year's but I'm still amazed that this is still going, not to mention that I've actually had 100 things to post (thanks to many of you of course). So thanks again for stopping by.

In conjunction with my 100th post, I've decided to remodel the blog a bit. I've reorganzied my link section and I've added a new Feed via Feedburner. If you have in the past, or would like to subscribe to BornAgainDeadHead, you will notice a new orange icon below the Blogger icon on the right sidebar. It appears to work pretty well. I used it to add a feed to my MyYahoo.

Thanks again, more to come...