Saturday, January 14, 2006

10 Questions for...Joby

Lots of responses right off the bat, very cool. I'll put them up as individual posts throughout the weekend.

First up, Joby.

1. 1st Dead Experience - 9th grade I skipped school with a cute Deadhead girl and went over to her house. She put on a soundboard copy of the Harpur's College show (long before Dick's Picks 8 came out!) and I was immediately hooked.
2. 1st Dead Show - 3/30/87 Philly Spectrum
3. Last Dead Show - 5/21/95 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, Las Vegas
4. How many shows did you go to? Around 100-120
5. Favorite year or time period - 1989 - 1990
6. Favorite band member - Beyond Jerry they're pretty much equal in my eyes
7. Other favorite bands - Neil Young, Bob Dylan, CSNY
8. Favorite movie - Blues Brothers is a great choice, loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Altered States, Kevin Smith's Jersey movies, anything by Terry Gilliam
9. I'm currently reading (or I recently read)- checked out from the library at the moment are: "The Truth (with jokes)" by Al Franken, "Mr. Lucky" by Jim Swain and I am rereading the Illuminatus Trilogy
10. When I'm not online or listening to The Grateful Dead - I'm playing poker or hanging out with my wife & 18 month old daughter


At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Helen said...

Hey Joby! I was at that Philly show. You may have seen me. Remember, I was the one wearing the tie-dye!

At 2:05 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Helen - LOL

Joby - 100 shows, awesome!

At 3:10 PM, Blogger Ben said...

I had front-row, center seats for Neil Young and Crazy Horse several years back, one of the best concerts I ever saw. I was spoiled last night, seeing a live concert was never the same again.

Except for the LoR Trilogy, which I have not seen, the other movies you mentioned are favorites of mine as well.

I just finished Franken's new book myself a few weeks back. Very funny and very scary at the same time. His background on the Abramoff scandal was quite interesting and timely.


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