Friday, December 02, 2005

Hail GDNB and UJB!

I can't praise enough the incredible extensive coverage of this past week's Grateful Dead/LMA events at the Grateful Dead News Blog and Uncle John's Blog. Kudos is well deserved to the time and effort put into their work. The post from my alma mater's newspaper about tonight's Phil and Friends show at The Patriot Center made me feel a bit guilty about not being there. Had a conflict though, hope to catch Phil next time around.

Rather than repost links to the recent articles they posted, I thought I might comment on a couple quotes from McNally and Mickey from those posts:
McNally: "It makes the band happy and it makes 99 percent of all deadheads happy. There is the one percent who will never be happy until the band shows up in their living rooms."
Dennis still doesn't get it, does he. First of all, it's probably more than just one percent that still are not completely happy, and all they want is to be able to download SBDs again. I know that it's probably an unjustified sense of entitlement behind that feeling, but I just find that statement by Dennis to be condescending, not to mention still out-of-touch with the reality of the situation.
McNally: "We didn't create a giant one-stop place for swapping the music online. That happened behind our back and was presented as a fait accompli."
Happened behind our back? The Archive has been around for how long now? Phil said himself that he used it when he was writing his book! Who does Dennis really mean when he says "we"?
Mickey: "I fully support the position taken by Phil in his message and always have. Being a field recordist myself, I stand united with the taper community and always will notwithstanding anything in the media to the contrary."
OK, so Phil and Mickey have officially denied involvement in any decisions related to this matter. I get the sense from Justin that Bill wasn't involved either. I've heard that it was one against three on this issue. Guess that implicated Bobby then, huh. Haven't heard anything from him yet either. Hmmm. And quite ironic that I am now listening to Music Never Stopped while writing this. Hmmm.


At 12:08 AM, Anonymous Helen said...

First and foremost, Hail to GDNB and UJG - a big ditto on that!
Now, statements from Phil and Mickey does not just leave Bobby until we actually hear from Bill. And whatever sense you get from Justin may be accurate however, until I see a statement I sse it as a 2-2 vote. Still don't get why Hunter can't be in the mix. The words. I mean, THE WORDS! And he is listed on as a member. No vote for him stinks.
Now Justin, please don't be offended. I would just like to hear from ALL the members so I know where they stand. Speculation is no good. I also understand that you cannot nor should not be expected to speak or think for your Dad.
I, for one, am not willing to point the finger solely at Bobby. I am neither a Bobby basher nor groupie. Seen Ratdog many times. I'm sure he's uh.......guilty for lack of a better word. But to put it all on him may be a bit pre-mature.
McNally is WAY off base here and it concerns me that he is the spokesperson. And no, I do not consider it entitlement to have the SBD's. I consider it a slap in the face NOT to have them. And not even for myself because I don't have many on my HD, but a slap to our community and a mockery of what we have thought, felt and stood for and behind for 40 years.
Sorry to vent and more peace to you bro!
good post

At 8:06 AM, Anonymous US Blues said...

If they are so concerned about making money by releasing soundboards, they should have been working much harder to get them out. Dick's Picks started 11 years ago and there are 36 releases so far. We have 5 or 6 downloads, and maybe 10 vault releases. Plus CD's that acconpanied videos.

All the while I have read from DL and DL2 (Dick Latvala and David Lemieux) about why certain things aren't good enough to release, etc. Why we got only one mixed disc of material from 8.6.74, for example.

There is a wealth of amazing music they have not even touched so far, and I wonder how old I'll be before I get to hear it. The last pick, 9.21.72, I had on tape for years, then on CD from LAMA, but I bought the Pick because I wanted the best sound possible of a great show (and once again, a tease and hint of greatness from another show). There are far more shows I'd buy if I had the chance. And to be honest, DL2 is a kid and I'm not so sure about his understanding of early Dead. And Lord knows us regular folk don't have mush of a say.

That's my rant. Having said that I did work very hard miming the LAMA since it first came online with Dead shows, and have learned to use bittorrent (found a great one for Mac's called Transmission 0.4- wicked fast on a well populated torrent). So I've picked up more Dead, and also found a 12 CD set of John Coltrane bootlegs from the early 1960's!

Bottom line, let us trade, and if they want to make money then they need to release more product at a reasonable price.

PS- And let's not get started on what was left off of the "Steppin' Out" release from England...

Peace Y'all!

At 9:41 AM, Blogger Ben said...

Good points from Helen and US.

Helen - I probably am making assumptions as far as Bill and Bobby are concerned, and yes Hunter, and possibly even Barlow, deserve their say in this matter. McNally's and Owsley's statements are the most disappointing and seem to be very out of touch with the interest of a vast majority of Deadheads, not to mention the people who actually created and performed the music itself!

I think a perfectly reasonable compromise would be for GDM to decide now what they plan to release in the future, and make all other SBDs available once again on The Archive. I just can't see them making 2000+ shows available for sale. It doesn't make sense. Sell the shows that make the most sense to sell and give the rest back to us.

At 4:36 PM, Blogger irenie said...

Actually, Bobby did give his point of view on the archives on a radio show yesterday.
There is a post which included a recording of some of his thoughts in a thread on
Here's the url.

At 12:11 AM, Blogger BubbleViewer said...

Why does it seem a slap in the face to not have the soundboard tapes? And if it seems a slap in the face to NOT have them, doesn't that imply that you feel entitled to have them? Or is "slap in the face" just an honest description of your current emotions? (Hey, I can believe it)
Not trying to criticize, but seriously, why would fans of any band feel it is a slap in the face to be denied the soundboard tapes? I remember when the taping section was first allowed, and it was a very rare and special thing, more than enough, I think. For the Dead, the live shows are the main attraction. The soundboard tapes are essentially the "master tapes" of the band's career output, and the band has a right to control them. You may not like it or agree with it, but I still feel they have that right (if they agree!)
To me, this almost becomes a libertarian issue (and I see the Dead as very much a libertarian band). The majority does not get their way, simply because they want something. Individuals have rights, which must be protected.
But I definitely agree with you about Hunter. THE WORDS, indeed! He, more than anyone, is helping to carry on the spirit of the band.
Again, not trying to criticize.
When I got turned onto the dead in 1976, tape trading was still in its infancy. To have a majority of shows available in decent audio quality at the click of a mouse for free is beyond my wildest dreams. To demand the soundboards as well seems like gluttony.

At 2:34 AM, Blogger xian said...

thanks kindly for the shout out. i was myself hugely impressed with GDNB's coverage. whenever i checked there, there was something new. i was also channeling a lot of info coming via the Well and several Deadhead-oriented mailing lists I read, so it was like fronting for a large newsgathering organization.

One interesting side-effect of this tempest in a teapot is that a lot of us Dead bloggers have gotten a little tighter.


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