Sunday, November 06, 2005

Shows I've Downloaded: Update

Back in June, shortly after I started this blog, I did a post on the shows I had downloaded. I've been busy since, selectively downloading 12 since then. I've actually downloaded a few more, but after another listen, decided that they weren't keepers. A 'keeper' for me should be a well played show of course, but should also be of excellent quality. Many more to download, but here's what I've added to the collection:

Alpine Valley - 8/7/82 - One of my favorites from the early 80's. Great Bobby show and a great overall set list with highlights including a Music Never Stopped opener, BIODTL>On The Road Again combo, Let It Grow, and a early Man Smart, Women Smarter.
Boston Garden - 5/7/77 - See linked review.
Buffalo Memorial Auditorium - 5/9/77 - See linked review.
Capital Centre - 3/14/90 - My first Cap Center show and the first of a great 3 night stand. Highlights include a strong Cold Rain & Stranger to open, the first Loose Lucy in 16 years, another great Let It Grow, and beautiful versions of Crazy Fingers and Black Peter in the 2nd set.
Fillmore East - 9/20/70 - Downloaded the acoustic 1st set only. The sound quality is spectacular, but for some reason, falters in the 2nd set. The set list speaks for itself, made even sweeter with guest appearances by David Grisman and David Nelson.
Fox Theater - 11/30/80 - Oh, I love this show, not only for a great performance, but one of the few shows here that give you both a great SBD and great AUD recording. The entire 1st set and the start of the 2nd set is the SBD, but for whatever reason, it shifts to the AUD version at Samson & Delilah. I almost wish the whole recording here was the AUD version as it's one the best I've ever heard. Highlights include Cassidy, Sailor>Saint, Ship of Fools, Drums, and a UJB encore.
Meadowlands - 4/1/88 - Great ultramatrix (SBD & AUD) and a great Jerry show. Highlights include Mississippi Half-Step, To Lay Me Down, Deal, China Cat>Rider.
New Haven Veterans Mem. Coliseum - 5/5/77 - See linked review.
Oakland Auditorium Arena - 12/28/79 - Hot late '79 show, best of the end-of-that-year run, if not the whole year. Highlights include Sugaree, It's All Over Now, Music Never Stopped, and Terrapin.
Shoreline Amphitheater - 10/3/87 - A fun, unusual show, with highlights including Hey Pocky Way, My Brother Esau, Bird Song, and a Cumberland>Maggies Farm combo to open the 2nd set.
St. Paul Civic Center - 5/11/77 - See linked review.
Stanford Maples Pavillion - 2/9/73 - Historic 1st show of '73. Lots of funny banter, a Wavy Gravy Rant, and several first-time-played songs including Row Jimmy, Loose Lucy, Here Comes Sunshine, They Love Each Other, Eyes of the World, China Doll and Wave that Flag. Great recording, an absolute must have.

Check 'em out for yourself and enjoy!


At 10:24 AM, Anonymous jonathan said...

That Alpine Valley show from 82 is one of my favorites as well. The "Let it Grow" is one of the hottest versions of that song they ever did. I'm frankly surprised it's still available at archive, since it was released as a Dick's Picks earlier this year.

At 9:48 PM, Blogger Ben said...

That surprises me too. At the Ratdog show last night, they were selling some DPs inside, including the 9/21/72 show (DP 35 I think). I must of downloaded it just in time, because I checked tonight and it's no longer there. The same fate may befall the 82 Alpine Valley show next. Download it NOW if you haven't done so already!

At 10:28 PM, Blogger Justin Kreutzmann said...

...and how come I see all the other guys listed in your music favorites except one particular drummer?...

At 8:56 PM, Blogger Ben said...

Justin - An embarrassing oversight on my part. Certainly no offense was meant to your dad.

I thought a bit about why I wouldn't of included him on that list. It probably boiled down to him being in the background most of the time. He hasn't had a solo project (that I know of), he hasn't written a book, or had a book written about him. I'd like to learn more about him though. Any suggestions as to where to look for more info?


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