Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New Developments

Check out Uncle John's Blog and Grateful Dead News for some timely updates on the LMA issue. A couple interesting quotes by McNally:

According to Grateful Dead spokesman Dennis McNally, the removal on November 22 of all downloadable Dead recordings from was the result of "a great communication snafu."

Yeah, no kidding!
“The idea of a massive one-stop Web site that does not build community is not what we had in mind. Our conclusion has been that it doesn’t represent Grateful Dead values.” Most fans, he continued, “understand they were being granted an extraordinary privilege, and they responded by taking it very seriously” by respecting the band’s wishes not to sell their live recordings. “This is not the same situation,” he added.
Why didn't LMA represent GD values? Especially if they acknowledge the fact that fans "responded by taking it very seriously"? I hope that the official explanation that we expect from McNally any day now is more descriptive than this. Good news is that it looks like we'll get the AUD recordings back to download, that Phil wasn't involved in the decision, and according to Justin, it isn't Bill and Mickey's fault either.

Bad news is that there are those in The Dead organization who see the SBDs on LMA to be a threat, and we still don't know why.


At 1:55 PM, Anonymous jonathan said...

I haven't been impressed at all by McNally during this entire fiasco. He pretty much defended what happened at the LMA, and then calls it a communications snafu? Pick a story, Dennis.


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