Sunday, October 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Bobby!

Happy 58th Bobby! Bobby seems like he's probably a nice guy and all, but I think that the picture to the left probably reflects how he feels about getting older these days (or about random bloggers celebrating his birthday). I've always had a special place in my heart for Bobby. Maybe it was demeanor and his 'normal' appearance/attire (polo-style shirts) that made me relate to him the most. In addition, his music, his humor, his energy, made him a truly unique force. Born in San Francisco, Mr. Bob Weir Trouble (an early nickname) never quite fit the hippy, psychedelic mold that Jerry or others did. He looked more like an athlete back then, or maybe a surfer. Now today, fully-bearded, he kind of looks more like Jerry, from the neck up at least.

Many of my favorite Grateful Dead songs are Bobby's, including Sugar Magnolia, Let It Grow, Lost Sailor>Saint of Circumstance, Lazy Lightning>Supplication, Cassidy, Music Never Stopped and more. IMHO, he was always under appreciated by alot of Deadheads. He was the one to carry the band when Jerry was in poor health many times, and he continues to carry on the spirit of The Dead today. I haven't had the opportunity to see Ratdog myself, and I'm probably going to have to miss out on seeing them when they come to Baltimore in November. But I just found out they will be playing in Frederick, MD a week later. Hmmm. May just have to look into that one...

Anyway, happy birthday once again Bobby!


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