Saturday, August 27, 2005

Take a vacation, fall out for a while...

Just got back from The Outer Banks, and boy is my ass tired! Seriously, 8 hours to get home today, kind of wore off the vacation 'glaze' a bit unfortunately, not to mention sitting in the car that long can take it's toll on anyone. It was still a good trip though. Got to spend alot of time with my boys, who just LOVE the beach. Lots of food, sun, sand, etc. We took a day trip down to Manteo to the NC Aquarium, which my little one got a big kick from. On the way back, stopped at Jockey's Ridge, where my and my older one climbed the dunes. Climbed the Currituck Beach Lighthouse as well.

It was a easy trip down, we left around 5AM and got to our beach house by 11. Today was a different story though. A nasty accident on US-158 and 20 miles of stop-and-go on I-95. Ugh.

Unfortunately, no one else in my family on this trip really shared my appreciation of The Dead. But I had a little time to myself, like when I would hang out at the house while my little one took his daily nap. I'd shoot some pool, pop in a CD and jam out for a while. A couple nights back, I hung out on the deck with a beer and my headphones, listening to the second set of 12/28/79, just looking up at the stars. The conditions weren't perfect, there was still a little too much light pollution, but I was still able to see thousands of more stars than I usually can here in the suburbs of DC. With a nice cool breeze, it was kind of perfect actually.

Best thing about the trip is that I was able to "fall out for a while" and forget about some things. I love my job, but I just need to escape from it for a little bit. Hardly even thought abut it. Now on Monday, I can hopefully go back in recharged and ready to go.

So I'm back now, with many more posts to come. Keep checking back for more.

BTW, I've added a new blog to my Deadlinks, another Deadhead named Ben. Very cool blog, check it out!


At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was checking my stats page and saw that you took an interest in my space @ Feel free to stop by anytime. I always have something interesting going on. My first show as Woodstock69 and my last was the last Chicago95.
Peace, Love, Hippie Stuff,
Wayward Bill
Grateful Dead - Approx 850
Jerry Bands - Approx 375
Bob Band - Approx 250
Family Matters - Approx 150

At 8:40 PM, Blogger Ben said...

Thanks for checking in. I've had your site linked from mine for a while now. Love what you've got going on there!


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