Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Build-A-Set-List: 1972

And now, the next edition of Build-A-Set-List. Today, we focus on 1972. 1972 was a one of several 'transitional' years for The Dead, one which had a very unique sound of it's own. That year saw the addition of Keith Godchaux and the phasing out of Pigpen. There were alot of great shows that year, including several from their European tour, and one which many consider to be their best, The Springfield Creamery Benefit at the Old Renaissance Faire Grounds in Veneta, OR.

Overall, the sound changed significantly from even the year before. The tone became a bit softer, with Pigpen's health declining quickly, and Keith's smooth improvisational style adding a new flavor. Although their long, drawn out psychedelic adventures such as Dark Star were still in the rotation, the shows from this year started to focus more on the traditional style-songs that they had launched with American Beauty and Workingman's Dead.

Europe '72 was one of the first Dead albums I listened too, and is a great primer for anyone discovering The Dead for the first time. They were very tight, amazingly so with the introduction of a new band member and the slow, painful decline of another. 1972 is not my favorite year, it's not hard to find a great show from that year. So, again following the rules I set in my first post in this series, here's my Ultimate Setlist from 1972. As always, your contributions are invited, and any resemblance to an actual show is purely coincidental:

1972 Ultimate Set List

Set 1
Promised Land
It Hurts Me Too
China Cat Sunflower>
I Know You Rider
El Paso
Tennessee Jed
Greatest Story Ever Told
Big River
Big Railroad Blues

Set 2
Playin In The Band
He's Gone
Big Boss Man
Dark Star
The Other One
Morning Dew
Sugar Magnolia
Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad
Good Lovin

Casey Jones


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