Monday, June 13, 2005

Shows I've Downloaded

In college during the early 90's, I accumulated 70 some shows on tapes, trading mostly with 3 or 4 friends. Today, through the wonders of the internet, I am starting to rebuild my collection digitally. Thanks to great sites like,, and a few others, almost any show you could ever want is available for streaming or download.

I've been pretty selective in what I've decided to download so far. Quality of sound is pretty important to me, so I've been sticking mostly to soundboards, and always on the lookout for good Betty-boards, pre-FM's and Matrix versions. Strong overall set lists are important for me to, especially with 80's and 90's shows. I'm not a big fan of Brent's songs, not much of a fan of songs like Alabama Getaway either.

To date, I've downloaded 14 shows, and expect to download many more. My collection so far includes:

Fillmore East - 4/29/71 - Closing of The Fillmore East
Hollywood Palladium - 8/6/71 - A phenomenal Audience Taping
Winterland - 11/11/73 - Great Dark Star & Eyes
Selland Arena - 7/19/74 - Classic '74 Wall of Sound Show
Beacon Theater - 6/14/76 -Best show in the first year following their hiatus.
Swing Auditorium - 2/26/77 - Reviewed earlier. One of my favorite set lists of all time
Barton Hall, Cornell Univ. - 5/8/77 - 'Nuff Said
Oakland Auditorium Arena - 12/31/81 - Just downloaded this weekend. Amazing Playin>Terrapin>Playin
Red Rocks - 9/6/83 - Another great set list (minus the Alabama Getaway)
Madison Square Garden - 9/18/87 - Fun banter to start the show, incredibly powerful Morning Dew
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum - 12/31/87 - Have this one on videotape, very underrated show
Hampton Coliseum - 10/8/89 - My second show, billed as "Formerly The Warlocks", first Help>Slipknot in 4 years. More to come about this show in a future post.
Hampton Coliseum - 10/9/89 - Dark Star! First Dark Star in 5 years, First Attics in 17 years.
RFK Stadium - 7/12/90 - 2nd RFK show, rained like hell that night, lots of rain references from the band including Box of Rain.

As I was creating this post, links and all, I started to download another show:
The Spectrum - 9/21/72 - Found this show like I have several, often hunting for a specific song, or just looking for a great quality show from a specific year. Just started downloading, looks good so far :-)

I'll update this list as I download more shows.


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